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Totally Genius Idea!... pay me part of your commission when I buy a house. I’ll use your services for every purchase I make.

Ashley M.

It’s no surprise you find the best buyers…you’re paying them. Every realtor should do this.

Warren W.

As one of the real estate professionals that connects with the P2BRE platform I can tell you it’s the best lead-generating system I’ve used. It’s a great listing tool and it finds buyers for my listings. I’m completely sold on the idea.

Clint C.Realtor

Connecting with P2BRE may be the best decision I’ve made in the real estate business. My buyers are excited that I’m willing to share my commission with them and my sellers are reaping the benefits of a web-based platform that finds buyers for my listings.

Shane T.Realtor

Your website is truly amazing and simple. It only took a few minutes to complete the information on my home and within days I hired the perfect realtor.

John L.